Alcohol Home Delivery Permit

Liquor permit for purchase, possession, transport, use and consumption.

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Confused about how to buy alcohol in Maharashtra?

The Maharashtra government is now allowing alcohol home delivery across the states, except in containment zones.

While this decision of the State government might make you mighty happy, it is majorly being done so that there can be some money generated via the excise duty levied on alcoholic beverages; the need of the hour for cash-strapped states. Earlier, wine shops had been allowed to open for a brief day but when people broke all norms of social distancing; this liberty was taken away too. Now, Maharashtra government has approved alcohol home delivery services to start so that there is no breaking of social distancing rules while also bringing in a steady cash flow.

However, in order to get alcohol delivered to your home, it is required that you buy an alcohol permit.

The government also ordered that the shop owners not to charge over and above the maximum price printed on the bottle. 


The online sale of liquor is an unwritten contract between the buyer and the seller, hence the state will not be a party to any possible dispute between them. “Despite the online sale, the liquor shops will have to adhere to the laid-down norms of physical distancing and sanitisation of its staff.


Steps to get alcohol home-delivered in Maharashtra:

1.    Once your liquor permit is in place, you need to find the contact details of your nearest wine shop that will remain open. Orders will be placed via calls or WhatsApp directly to the retailer who will then assign a delivery boy to drop it at your doorstep.


2.    Customers will pay after delivery by cash, debit or credit card as the delivery personnel will be given POS machines.

Alcohol(Liquor) Home Delivery Permit For Purchase, Possession, Transport, Use and Consumption of Foreign Liquor & Country Liquor in the State of Maharashtra (Annualor Lifelong Permit) i.e. License in Form FL-XC Granted Under the Mumbai Foreign Liquor Rules,1953 (One Year & Lifelong Permission).


Delivery will be allowed only for liquor permit holders. Those who do not have permits need to register to the excise department and get a permit number, which has to be mentioned while placing orders.

1 Year

CSC Price - 350/-


CSC Price - 1350/-

Documents for the Liquor Buying Permit

  • Applicant Photo
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card / Passport / Voter Id Card / Driving License
  • Email Id
  • Mobile Number

Procedure for Liquor Buying Permit

Benefits of having Liquor Buying Permit

Keeps safe from Coronavirus due to not standing in queue for liquor in liquor shop

It saves the time for standing in queue for liquor in liquor shop

Transparent and easy ordering system like an E-commerce, just one call or one whatsapp message order

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most frequent questions and answers

BMC allowed liquor home delivery from midnight of 22nd may 2020.

Maharashtra government allowed online delivery platforms– Swiggy and Zomato— to deliver liquor.

Liquor shops selling liquor in sealed bottles be permitted to operate by selling liquor to the customers by effecting delivery in view of Extension of lockdown.

  • Retailers need to acquire passes persons from the Excise Superintendent of Police or the Deputy Superintendent of Police for the delivery persons
  • Valid ID cards will be issued for a limited period
  • One retailer can engage not more than 10 people for home delivery service
  • Only one order can be delivered by a person at once and not more than 24 units can be delivered by one person in a day
  • The designated delivery personnel have to be daily screened for Covid-19 symptoms. While shops will provide all details to the excise department of those who would go for home delivery
  • The staffers would also be provided with identity cards so that they are stopped by the police on the road
  • The delivery persons should also be given hand sanitizers, mask and gloves
  • Home delivery of alcohol across the state, except for containment zones
  • Applicant must be 25 years OR older
  • This service allowed from 10AM to 6PM