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Domicile Certificate is one of the most important documents to prove that the person having the certificate is a resident of the state. It is the document which provides various facilities and human rights in any one state of India. Domicile certificate is useful for various places to get the local preference like for jobs recruitment, educational sector to get admission, examination or for the various kinds government services. Normally, the procedure is that one should apply for the domicile certificate will get certificate within a week’s time.

Important: A Domicile Certificate can be obtained only in any one State of India and those who obtain this certificate more than one State is an offence.


Must have a proof of staying in any one state of India:-

  • 15 years for Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh(owns a place of residence in Himachal Pradesh), West Bengal(Any woman who is not a resident of the state, but married to a person who is a permanent resident of the state is eligible to obtain a certificate), Jammu & Kashmir(have studied for 7 years and appeared for class 10th 0r 12th) (Who is registered as a migrant by relief and rehabilitation commissioner (Migrants)) (If any officer is not able to issue the certificate on time or is found defaulted they will be penalized Rs. 50,000/- from their salary) (Domicile certificate will allow West Pakistan Refugees, Safai Karamcharis, and children of Women who married non-locals to apply for the job jammu) (Children of those Central Government Officials, All India Services Officers, Officials of Public Sector Undertaking and Autonomous body of Central Government, Public Sector Banks, Officials of Statutory bodies, Officials of Central Universities and recognized Research institutes of Central Government who have served in Jammu and Kashmir for a total period of ten years), 
  • 10 years for Kerala
  • 5 years for Tamil Nadu(The applicant’s parents or guardian should be a permanent resident living more than 6 years in Tamil Nadu) (Women whose native is not Tamil Nadu, but are married to men who are a permanent resident in Tamil Nadu), Madhya Pradesh(owns a place of residence in Madhya Pradesh) (If a woman does not originally belong to Madhya Pradesh but is married to a man who is a permanent resident of Madhya Pradesh then she will be eligible to apply for a certificate),
  • 3 years for Bihar(owns a place of residence in Bihar) (Applicant’s name should be there in the voter list) (Female applicants can apply for the certificate if they are married to a person from Bihar) (In the case of minors, the certificate is issued based on their parents’ residence), Delhi(owns a place of residence in Delhi) (Applicant’s name should be there in the voter list) (Female applicants can apply for the certificate if they are married to a person from Delhi) (In the case of minors (younger than 18 years) the domicile is issued on the basis of parent’s residence)

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Documents for the Domicile Certificate

  • Applicant Photo
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Self-Declaration
  • Passport
  • Voter ID card
  • RSBY Card
  • MNREGA Job Card
  • Driving License
  • Identity Card Issued By Govt. OR Semi Govt. Organizations
  • Water Bill
  • Telephone Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Property Tax Receipt
  • Ration Card
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Residence Proof of Husband
  • Rent Receipt
  • Property Registration Fee
  • Extracts of 7/12 and 8 A/Rent Receipt
  • Residence Proof by Talathi
  • Residence Proof by Gram Sevak
  • Residence Proof by Bill Collector
  • Parents Domicile Certificate
  • Residence Proof of Parents
  • SFC Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Bonafide Certificate
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Father’s Domicile Certificate
  • Extract from Primary School Entry

Procedure for the Domicile Certificate

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Benefits of having Domicile Certificate

It avails preference in educational institution admission for Medical, Pharmacy & Engineering Colleges.

It avails Driving Badge from Regional Transport Authorities.

It is useful to apply for Flat/Plots from Government Quota.

The user can use the Domicile certificate to apply Government jobs where residents are preferred.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most frequent questions and answers

A domicile certificate can be issued by the respective state/UT authorities such as Tehsildar, Revenue Office, SDM, Collector Office, Deputy Collector Office, District Magistrate Office, etc.

A domicile certificate can be useful for following purposes –
• Availing benefits of state implemented scholarship schemes
• Obtain reservation benefits in government jobs or educational institutes under resident quota
Availing loans

No, an Aadhaar Card cannot be used as a domicile certificate as it is basically an identity proof and not a residence proof.

Generally, a domicile or resident certificate has life-long validity. However, some state authorities have restricted its validity depending on the purpose for which it has been asked for. The minimum validity of a domicile certificate can be 6 months.

The certificate gets processed within seven days from the date of application. This deadline is adhered to only if all the documents are accurate.

A domicile certificate can provide various benefits to the holder such as education, government-sponsored scholarship, as well as employment under state quotas. It is also applicable to certain job profiles where local residents are preferred.