Character Certificate

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It is also known as Police Clearance Certificate.

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What is the Character Certificate / Police Clearance Certificate?

A Certificate of Character is an official document issued by the Police which states whether a person has any previous convictions recorded against him/her.

An online facility for obtaining character certificates by police clearance services.

A process that earlier took three months frequently and longer in some cases can now be completed in ten days in India. Indian nationals and other residents of India often need a police clearance certificate when seeking immigration benefits or employment in our and other countries. The police department has indicated that they hitherto processed about 6,000 applications each month. Getting these certificates involved at least two onerous steps. Now the Government has announced that these certificates will be issued in ten days and invoke a simple online application followed by a visit to the local police state at the place of residence. Once these are completed and verified by the Special Branch of the Mumbai Police’s intelligence wing of the Police as the case may be, the certificate is generated online. To facilitate the application and verification each applicant is required to provide his/her cellphone number. This is generally not a problem because cell phone usage in India is widespread. However, there is no clarity on whether an agent can provide his/her cellphone number if the agent is helping the applicant with the process.

Character Certificate

CSC Price - 350/-

Documents for the Character Certificate

  • Letter from Company / Application to Commissioner / Superintendent of Police for NOC
  • Fresh Passport Size Photo
  • Signature on White Paper
  • School / College Leaving Certificate
  • Birth Certificate Issued By Municipal Corporation OR Local Self-Government Body
  • SSC / HSC Board Certificate
  • Self-Attested Indemnity Bond
  • PAN Card
  • Election Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Student Card
  • Any Other Specified By Police Station
  • Ration Card Showing Applicant’s Name & Address
  • Current Electricity Bill (in the name of person)
  • Current Telephone Bill (in the name of person)
  • Letter from Society
  • Registered Leave & License
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Affidavit

Procedure for Character Certificate

Police clearance certificate is a common requirement for visa application, employment, migration, and education.
If you are currently living outside India i.e. you are an NRI, then you should get Indian police clearance from Indian Embassy.

Regardless if it’s for work, education, or travel use, having a valid police clearance certificate means that you have no criminal records covering the time period of stay in the country. If for any reason you have been involved in any illegal activity or was arrested due to law violations, special notes depending on the issuing country will appear on your PCC stating the violation details.
In short, having a police clearance certificate shows how ethical and responsible you are as a visitor or resident. Unable to provide PCC raises questions from employers and travel authorities probing that you might not be a law abiding citizen of the country.

If you have been convicted or imprisoned, this will show records on your PCC. Keep in mind that being imprisoned for more than 12 months might affect your police check. Also keeping in mind any impending case, unpaid loans or utility bills would make it difficult for you to obtain a PCC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most frequent questions and answers

These can be used to attest a person’s behavior in a business organization, club, society, academic institute or company. Character certificates are prepared by authorized persons explaining the behavior of a person during the stay in an organization or any other institute.

Yes. It is very important. It is one of the important documents required for the school admission, job in abroad or our country.

Police clearance is an official document issued by the state or government agency as a result of background check conducted by the local authority, usually the police. It is used to enumerate and identify any criminal records that applicants may have. This includes the following but not limited to arrest, conviction, lawsuits, and criminal proceedings.

A Certificate of Character is an official document issued by the Police which states whether a person has any previous convictions recorded against him/her.

The character of a person or place consists of all the qualities they have that make them distinct from other people or places.

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